Intelligence For Your Life

Strengthen Your Immune System

Every year, as we get older, our ability to fight off germs and infections decreases. So let us give you a few things that make our immune response WORSE – and then we’ll give you a few that make it BETTER. Let’s start with the things that reduce our immunity: Stress. That’s the biggest one. Chronic … Read More

How To Stop Your Relationship Fights

Those little fights and squabbles you have with your spouse add up… and break down your relationship. That’s according to relationship therapist Ester Perel. She says, recurring jabs for, say, not doing the dishes, or mini-arguments about things like your work hours, can create a tear in your bond that grows over time. Perel calls bickering … Read More

Reflect On Your Goals For Success!

Are you ready to bring more success into your life and have a positive impact on others? Just take a few minutes each morning for reflection. It’s as simple as taking a few moments while you’re drinking your coffee to reflect on who you want to be. Because according to new research from the University of Florida, people who devote … Read More

How To Talk To Your Parents About Aging

When our parents get older it can be hard to step up and take on the role of the “adult.” Whether you need your mom to stop driving - or talk to your dad about going into assisted living. It’s not an easy conversation to have. So here’s how to go about it. This advice comes … Read More

Clean Your House For A Better Brain!

Do you need another reason to thoroughly clean the house, or tackle chores you’ve been putting off? It could boost your brain health! That’s according to Dr. Noah Koblinsky from the Rotman Research Institute in Toronto. He and his team studied mentally healthy senior citizens. Each participant was given a cognitive test and a health evaluation. They were … Read More

Hugs Keep Your Kids Healthy!

If you regularly hug your kids, lots of new research shows you’re setting them up to be emotionally stable and healthy adults! Here’s why: First, a simple hug changes kids at the molecular level! Research from the University of British Columbia found, the more children were held, the more genes were activated that helped kids better manage stress and … Read More